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Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade ( 120x120x25mm )

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Technical details
Marime: 120mm
Gama volum: 20 - 29,9 dB(A)
Presiune: 1,6 mm H2O
Pachet ventilator: 9x, 4x, 3x
Voltaj pornire: 7V DC
Volum: 25 dB(A)
Producator: Phobya
Putere intrare: 5,4 W
Viteza certificata: 1500 U/min
Rated speed range: 1500 - 1950 U/min
Dimensiuni: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Conector alimentare: 4Pin PWM
Gama debit de aer: 100 - 149 m³/h
Durata de viata (at 25°C): 100.000 h
LED: rosu
Transmisie semnal RPM: Da
Voltaj certificat: 12V DC
Culoare cadru: negru
Culoare Rotor: negru, rosu
Debit de aer: 109,33 m³/h
Phobya's new masterpiece of cooling technology with PWM technology! This is a fan that will...more
Product Information

Phobya's new masterpiece of cooling technology with PWM technology!

This is a fan that will satisfy both Silent-PC users and performance-oriented PC builders which is unique on the fan market. This innovative fan will bring fear to its competitors and keep your system cool with all of its great features!

The manufacturer's consortium Phobya has achieved that an increased Airflow does not necessarily result in higher noise emissions by using an innovative fan blade design. The specially curved fan blades in combination with the unique design and high fan blade density lead the way to the future of cooling! The bearing is quipped with the newest Nano technology which greatly reduces friction and noise emissions. The innovative motor design in combination with an optimally chosen fan speed does the rest to provide exceptional performance and quiet operation.

At full speed even the most modern fan will become audible. Therefore the Phobya fans are designed to handle lower voltages well which allows operation in a voltage range of 5-12V. This gives the option of a virtually inaudible operation whilst a strong Airflow will still keep your system cool.

The appearance nowadays also is an extremely important factor when considering a fan. The red fan blades, and now, all new black fan blades, in combination with an elegant black frame, completely in an elegant glossy finish result in a truly spectacular appearance of this fan which is a great choice for any system! NEW: The PWM version of the Phobya fans now has a red LED in every corner.

For cleaning of the fan the full rotor can be removed by lightly pulling on the frame respectively. Therefore cleaning of the fan can easily be accomplished: Simply hold the fan under running water and rinse off dust and dirt. After a short drying period the fan can be reassembled by simply pushing the rotor back into the casing and the fan can be used again.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
Color: Black frame, red and black fan blades, with red LEDs
Weight: 145g
Nominal voltage: 12V
Starting voltage: 7V
Current draw: 0,45A
Nominal speed:
600-1500rpm (+/-10%)
Airflow: max. 109,33m³/h / 64,16CFM
Noise emission: 10-25 dB(A)
MTBF (25°C): 100.000hrs
Connector: PWM / 4-Pin fan connector
Max. static pressure: 1.6mm-H2O

Extent of delivery:

1x Phobya Nano-2G 12 PWM Silent 1500rpm Red LED Double Blade ( 120x120x25mm )

4x Fan screws

Please note the difference between a 4-Pin power connector (Molex) and a 4-Pin fan connector (PWM).

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Questions & Answers
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Question from Guest #279329 from 11. November 2017
kann der lüfter wirklich als minimum drehzahl grade mal 1000rpm?
Antwort von Aquatuning GmbH vom 11. November 2017
Die "Nenndrehzahl" unter dem Reiter "Details" ist nur eine Angabe in welche Kategorie der Lüfter im Shop fällt. Den Drehzahlbereich finden sie unter dem Reiter "Beschreibung". Die Angabe dort beträgt 600-1500rpm.
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